Alternate Home Improvement

Buying Art to Improve Your Home


When you look in decorating magazines, or at homes on television, there is always something hanging on the walls. It may be pictures; it may be photographs. It may be something that you don’t even recognize exactly what it is, but there is something on the walls. My father used to say, “If you don’t know what its purpose is, it’s probably there for decoration.” Decoration that makes the room look better, and makes you enjoy spending time there more.


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Decision Factors

When you are deciding what you want to buy, you need to consider several different factors:

– Space. Where are you going to hang/put it? The item needs to fit the space you are going to use to display it.

– Color. Does it coordinate with what you already have in the room? You may love the day-glo poster from the sixties. That doesn’t mean it should be taped up in your formal dining room.


Why Home Maintenance is a Lost Art


As someone who comes from a family line of carpenters, maintenance men, and service repair men, I have seen and participated in many home repairs, renovations, and remodels – Probably more than most men my age. However, when actual work needs to be done in my own home, I typically will hire it out.


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Why are home maintenance and home improvement such lost arts? Why would people rather pay a contractor or company to improve or repair their homes instead of learning how to do it themselves? For many, the reason is convenience. It’s far more convenient to just hire someone to do 100% of the work – from shopping around for tools and hardware, to measuring, installing, and removing old materials. All of these things can add up to a lot of time, money, and fuss even for someone who knows what they’re doing – Let alone someone who has not done this type of work in the past.


Garage Improvements: 7 Things You Can Do


The garage is one of the places that is often neglected. However, there is really no reason that it can’t look just as great as any other part of your home. There are many ways that you can improve your garage. Some of these ways include insulation, painting, automatic garage door, organizational system, heat, de-clutter and insure.


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Insulate Your Garage

Insulating your garage is one of the first garage improvements that you should make. The insulation will provide protection in many ways. It will allow the cold air to stay out during the winter. It will allow you to keep the garage cool if you are running an air condition in the summer. Also, insulation allows your garage to be much more well-maintained.